Gambling History 101

Gambling has been around since we have known how to throw stones. Archaeological digs in Pompeii, China, India, and Egypt, among other places where it was prohibited and punishable by being sent to work in the quarries.

Gambling was not especially well-liked in ancient Greece, where gamlbers were categorized in the same line as thieves and other common criminals. Fines were imposed on those who engaged in gambling activities for a profit rather than for recreation. The rulers of the day started to lose insane amounts of money and even risked losing whole lands and titles over a game.

With the upper class’ fascniation with gambling, the middle and lower classes followed suit. The poor people’s obsession with gambling may have stemmed from the hope that gambling could give them instant riches, a theory definitely held by any serious gambler today.

The first gambling artifacts unearthed dated back to as early as the 14th century. The first ever recorded use of the gambling deck of cards was attributed to the Chinese,who invented paper. The practice of shuffling cards were also attributed to them, a practice that began in 900 AD. The use of cards spread to the Mameluke empire. Because the empire was Muslim, they designed their cards with intricate decorations. The use of cards spread to the Mediterranean, and the French soon created the practice of putting the faces of popular court subjects on the cards. The ‘French’ cards are the templates of the 52 deck cards used today.

Other forms of gambling originated in other parts of the world. Carps, blackjack, baccarat started in Europe, while the popular sport of horse racing originated in England.

Nevada once outlawed gambling in the 1900s, a huge surprise since it is now the primary gambling state in the country. When it opened its doors to gambling in the 1930s, hotels and casinos immediately sprung up from the desert sands, and the rest is gambling history.

The latest development in gambling is internet gambling. The internet boom has resulted to an equal eruption of internet gambling. Gambling became more accessible, more fun, and more convenient to do. the idea of gambling in your own home, at your own time, was one of the major reasons why more and more people opted to gamble online. But this has not lessened the draw of land based casinos one bit, especially to those who are equally attracted by the glitzy and glamorous casinos that cater to serious or recreational gamblers.